Vegan curry is perfect for those who love vegetables who do not want to give up that explosion of aromas and flavors of Asian cuisine. An authentic Vietnamese recipe cooked with potatoes, soybeans, peas, mushrooms and other vegetables marinated with spices will guide you to that corner of the world. Deliciously vegan!

Customize your plate:

If you want to add a touch of authentic flavor to your dish, add a little cherry tomato and fresh chopped coriander.


Water, potato, bean pod, pea, mushroom, soy protein, corn starch, dehydrated carrot, oil, salt, onion, tomato paste, cumin, red pepper, coriander, garlic, chili, celery, sugar, paprika, ginger and black pepper.

This kit includes:
Chicken curry and cooked basmati rice
Ideal for 2 people.

ready to eat gluten free vegan


Ready to heat and serve

1. Open the can, pour the vegan curry into a microwaveable pan or container and heat it for a minute.

2. Open the bag of rice and heat it directly in the microwave for 2 minutes.

3. Serve the rice on the plate, pour the curry on top, and… enjoy!


Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, store in the refrigerator and consume within 2 days.

Available in the following formats:


400 g can


650 g kit